Who are we


On this page, I will introduce us and our dogs.
We are Jos and Tanja, and we are living in Kerkrade in the south of the Netherlands. We have 5 Bordercollies, Magic, Cyanda, Fantom, Mystic and Twilight. Our biggest hobby is Agility. We travel to go to national and international competitions. We also sometimes start in Belgium and Germany. We have our own little agility school in Valkenburg.

I already wanted a dog when I was 3 years old. When I was 7, I had 3 dogs in our street I went walking with.  And when I was 16, at least I became my first own dog, Ricky. After 5 years came Devil, and with him I started with agility. On the training I saw a Bordercollie for the first time. And I fell completely in love, so much will to please and enthousiasm! I knew then that this was the kind of dog I wanted! And so my 2 greatest loves started: Bordercollies and Agility!

At this moment we have 5 Bordercollies:

Magic was born on 22 April 1999. She is a  fanatic little girl with a great will to please. Agility she loved most of all. We have run in competitions together from 2000 - 2007. We had a wonderfull time together! Magic is retired now from agility, but in her head she is still full of energy. She likes to make long walks, swimming and running next to the bike.


Cyanda was born on 22 April 2004 (Magic's 5th birthday!). Cyanda is a lovely dog who likes to hug and cuttle. She loves it to lie with you on the couch and watch tv together. With strangers she holds back a little but once she knows you she is the sweetest and friendliest dog there is. She knows how to steal everybodies heart!

In 2009 Cyanda and I were selected for the IMCA in Gyula, Hungary. Together with the Dutch Team we reached the podium 3 times, and got a 3rd place overall, a great experience!

She is a fast little girl but sometimes followes her own head!


Fantom is born on 14 Oktober 2006. He is a lovely dog, always friendly and trying to please you. He is a quick learner and not afraid of anything. Fantom is a great dog to work with, he is fast but also in control.

Fantom has run on several international competitions. In 2010 he reached the final for the European Open and became 10th in the final. With the Dutch Team he ended on the 4th place. In that year he also reached the final in the Border Collie Classic and became 9th in the final.

On the IMCA he reached the 2nd place overall individuall and with the Dutch team they were first!
In 2014 he made my dream come  true and we became IMCA World Champion Large! With the Dutch team we were this year 2nd.

Mystic is born on 7 oktober 2009. She is a daughter from our Fantom. Mystic is a clever little girl, she can be very sweet but also shows her own will!

Mystic has also run in several international competitons like World  Agility Open, IMCA and European Open.
In 2014 she became 2nd overall with the Dutch team on the  IMCA.

In januari 2014 Mystic gave birth to 4 beautifull puppies.





Twilight is a daughter from Mystic. She is full of temperament but also very sweet.



In our  heart forever....... 

Tess was born in Scotland on 18 March 1999 and she came to the Netherlands with 11 weeks. Tess was 2 when we started with agility and she runs in the C class since 2004. In 2004 we were also selected for the IMCA, the Agility World Championship for dogs with and without pedigree, and here we got the the 13th place. This was a great experience!

Tess is hard worker who always gives her best and never gives up!

On 2 December 2009 we lost our dear Tess, totally unexpected and much too early. We will never forget her!

For more information about our dogs, please watch their own pages.